Outlet Store - Cs4 Motorcycle Bags & Accessories

Motorcycle specific, detachable Cs4 saddlebag kits

The saddlebags are detachable by means of

  • either the Cs4 standard quick release system
  • or a "Easy Bracket" lockable mounting system
  • or the "Click & Lock" system

On demand, Cs4 hard leather,  saddlebags can be customized  with several options (studded, lockable made in brown leather etc )

Resellers & dealers welcome !

The Cs4 Saddlebag Collection

Detachable Cs4 saddlebags with lockable mounting system

The Cs4 lockable mounting systems

Easy on & off systems that are mounted on the rigid backside of the Cs4 saddlebags

Cs4 standard quick release system


Click & Lock system

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The Cs4 detachable, Saddlebag Kits

With lockable saddlebags  and lockable mounting system
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