Cs4 set saddlebags

Harley Davidson - Cs4 afneembare zadeltassen sets (moto specifiek)

Cs4 afneembare zadeltassen sets voor Harley Davidson = 1 paar afneembare, vormstabiele, lederen zadeltassen + 1 paar afsluitbare ( quick release ) bevestiging systemen + 2 sleutels


The Cs4 rigid, leahter saddlebags are made detachable by means of the following (quick release) mounting systems :

· The Cs4 standard quick release system

· The Easybrackets quick release system;

· The Click & Lock system

We suggest a selection of the standard Cs4 detachable saddlebag sets. If you prefer other Cs4 saddlebags, no problem. You can purchase the saddlebag of your choice and the mounting system of your choice, separately at :